ServoMaster: Donations

Your help is appreciated

ServoMaster Project is now accepting donations. The donations are accepted through a mechanism that was set up by SourceForge. If you feel like making a donation, you can do so by visiting a ServoMaster Project Donations page. Currently, 5% of every donation is granted to SourceForge - they did an excellent job of supporting this project (and countless others).

Why make a donation?

Well, first of all, because it can help to make this project better. Even as it is, it makes a significant contribution to DIY Zoning, allowing it to take a second place on Google search on "temperature zoning", right after Honeywell.

There are things other than money


It is very difficult to find an answer if you don't know the question. Internet is endless, and it's easy to drown, and sometimes impossible to find something, even if you know where to look for it.

Let us know about your pains.


Hardware is cheap.
Software is expensive.
Software development is outrageously expensive.
We know how to do it, and we've done it, repeatedly.

Donate hardware, and get the working drivers available to all your customers in a few days. And the name of your company gets into the Hall Of Fame. And your customers will know you care about them.


Tell us what you always wanted to have but never could - your wish may come true. Some people have requirements that others can't even think about but find them useful when they become available. For example, believe it or not, but there was a person whose significant other was driving him mad because she couldn't learn how to deal with the thermostat...

If you have a wish and want to fulfill it, you may have just come to a right place.